Healthy and natural nutrition

With the Kibus device you will be able to offer your pet a natural and healthy food, which is human-grade, minimally processed and completely tasteful. You only need to program the home appliance and fill a tank with water and the other tank with dehydrated pet food and Kibus will make everything else for you! Your pet will enjoy a healthy, natural and just-cooked meal. The device has also a water bowl which is always full so that pets have always water available.

Effortless cooking

Kibus will make everything for you. You'll love it!

Product Benefits

Feeding your pet with Kibus has several advantages, as it allows pet parents to feed their pets on a healthy and natural diet in a convenient way.
Since Kibus food is minimally processed, it keeps most of the original nutrients, which has several health benefits both short and long-term. Moreover, since the exact amount each pet requires can be programmed, Kibus helps prevent overweight. By being served wet, it also helps prevent dehydration problems.
Kibus is made from natural, top quality and human-grade meats, fruits and vegetables, which are minimally processed. Pets eat it just-cooked, warm and wet, which makes it really tasteful. The Kibus food is completely balanced and it contains no by-products. No colours, flavours or preservatives added.

Kibus works automatically. It is only required to push a button and the device makes everything. Both the food and the water bowls are easy to remove and clean. It is possible to program the appliance to work automatically and start cooking at a specific time. Dehydrated food has a long shelf life and it is easy to store.


Kibus has a multidisciplinary team with more than 10 collaborators who are top-level in their fields, including vets and experts in nutrition, engineers and product designers, marketing and legal advisers. The three project founders are:
Albert Icart
Albert Icart

Co-fundador & CEO

Marta Arisa
Marta Arisa

Co-fundadora & COO

Albert Homs
Albert Homs

Co-fundador & CFO

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