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Our Mission:

The well-being and health of our family.


Pet lovers




Kibus has only one mission: the well-being and health of our family.

Taking care of our family is one of the main missions we have in life. And family is everyone we love. Dogs included. They are part of our lives and we want them to be healthy and happy. And this is a great responsibility, especially since the dogs depend on us in many areas. They do not decide what they eat, where they go or when the veterinarian visits them. Your health and well-being are in our hands.

Food is an essential part of a person’s health. The same is true for dogs. Proper nutrition is the basis for good health, both physical and mental. The harmful effects that ultra-processed foods have on us and our pets are becoming more and more evident. This is why more and more people are looking for alternatives to feed and cans. However, until now there was no practical alternative to offer them a healthier diet without ultra-processed foods.

With Kibus you no longer have to choose between health and comfort.

We have achieved the perfect combination of technology and tradition. The most classic recipes, the most natural ingredients and the most delicious flavors come together with programming, instant control and instant information. With Kibus we can offer our dogs a healthy and delicious food in a totally comfortable way for us.

Changing habits is never easy, but the trend towards health-consciousness is clear and increasingly this includes our pets. We are certain that we are not alone. You care about your family more than anyone else and always seek to offer them the best. And for this reason we ask you to accompany us on this journey. A path towards optimal nutrition for our dogs, where there is no more room for ultra-processed food. A path towards a new standard of quality and excellence, so that our dogs eat as well as we do and have the best possible well-being.

From Kibus we thank you for trusting us to take care of your loved ones. We understand its importance and the responsibility it entails.

Kibus, the peace of mind to give you the best.

Tell us a little about your dog and we will prepare a customized plan for you.


Descárgate la aplicación móvil y disfruta de la posibilidad de cocinar aunque no estés en casa, programar y reprogramar comidas para qué tu perro coma a sus horas.


Comida completa y equilibrada formulada por veterinarios y nutricionistas. Deliciosa y nutritiva que se sirve recién preparada para una vida sana y feliz

Robot de cocina

Solo tienes que rellenar el depósito de alimento con una de nuestras recetas, el depósito de agua y escoger la cantidad a preparar. ¡Y listo para comer!