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Frequently Asked Questions

The Kibus food is made with fresh and natural ingredients. We have them gently dehydrated at low temperature to preserve all the nutrients, vitamins and quality from the ingredients, so that we don’t need artificial flavours or additives.

Easy Kibus is a system consisting of a device and food recipes, designed to feed our dogs with real food in the most convenient way. Tell us more about your dog and we will prepare a customized nutritional plan. You will get a starter pack with the Kibus device and food for two weeks. After the trial you can get every month at home all the food your dog needs. You also have an app to schedule all meals automatically and to have full control of their nutrition.

Our foods do not require refrigeration. You need no fridge, freezer or microwave. You can store them wherever you want. All the content of one sack can be place in the device food tank. You only need to do it once a week and schedule all the meals. As easy as that. The device cooks and serves the right amount of food at the scheduled time.

Every dog is different and requires a different amount. To know how much it is to feed your dog with Kibus, tell us more about them using our form and we will tell you the amount he needs and the price. The plan has also the Kibus device included with no extra charge (a device with a market value of €299).

We are currently shipping to Spain. If you want it shipped to other places, please, contact us at kibus@kibuspetcare.com.

In Kibus we have a flexible subscription model. Once the 2 weeks trial is over you will get all the food your dog needs every month at home. You can pause or cancel at any moment. So you don’t have to worry about anything. In addition, you can cancel or pause it at any time, without any obligation. When you cancel the subscription permanently, you will only have to pay 10€ for the collection of the device.

Of course! Our menus have been made by vets and nutritionists and every plan is made to deliver all the nutrients each dog needs. It is adapted to his age, weight, breed and activity level. We have specific plans for puppies with a particularly high content of protein and fat and rich in calcium and phosphorus to guarantee a healthy and balanced diet.
optimal growth.

Yes. No problem. You only need to tell us and we will replace it. For free (as long as it was broken during normal use). In addition, if the device has been damaged due to normal use, you will not have to pay anything for the exchange.

Yes, very easy. All the elements in direct contact with food or water are removable and dishwasher safe. It has been designed to feed our dogs with real food in the easiest and most convenient way.

Yes. With the Kibus App you have full nutritional control. You can activate the device from afar or even schedule all meals. You can also get real time notifications. The app also provides access to the entire meal history and allows you to receive instant alarms in the event of an incident (if there is little water left in the tank, for example).

Kibus is a nutritional system and both elements (device and food recipes). Both elements have been designed to work together. Our recipes have been formulated to ensure optimal preparation with the device, and vice versa. Therefore, the device is set up to work only with our recipes, providing a freshly cooked meal, at the ideal temperature and with the exact proportions, and cannot be used with other foods.

Of course! If they are used to eat together, they can also do it with Kibus. Otherwise we suggest different feeding times or places (ask us for two devices if you need them).

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Tell us a little about your dog and we will prepare a customized plan for you.


Descárgate la aplicación móvil y disfruta de la posibilidad de cocinar aunque no estés en casa, programar y reprogramar comidas para qué tu perro coma a sus horas.


Comida completa y equilibrada formulada por veterinarios y nutricionistas. Deliciosa y nutritiva que se sirve recién preparada para una vida sana y feliz

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Solo tienes que rellenar el depósito de alimento con una de nuestras recetas, el depósito de agua y escoger la cantidad a preparar. ¡Y listo para comer!