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Feeding your dog well is easier than ever.

The new dog food has arrived. With Kibus, you can offer your partner healthy, tasty and freshly cooked food in an easy and convenient way.

Formulated by veterinarians

Comfortable and
easy to use

Sustainable and

Natural ingredients


Natural, healthy and delicious

Our recipes are elaborated by nutritionists and veterinarians to provide your dog with all the nutrients it needs, besides being so tasty that you will want to try them. Fresh, natural and premium quality ingredients, freshly cooked to offer high digestibility and the best flavor.

Better for them, easier and more convenient for you

With Kibus, you will never have to worry about how to offer a healthy and natural diet to your dog in a convenient and fast way. Our device automatically cooks the exact amount at each meal and you can even program it through the app. Your dog will enjoy top quality homemade food, with minimum effort.

The Kibus experience at a glance

9 dogs, 8 families, 3 recipes and a Kibus device. Last February we invited a small community of dog parents with their pets to try the Kibus experience. Without a doubt, we can say that Kibus is 100% approved. That’s how the day went.

The media talk about Kibus

Frequently Asked Questions

Feeding your dog with healthy, freshly cooked Kibus food costs approximately 6,95€ per week for a small dog (5-14 kg) / 13,95€ per week for a medium dog (15-24 kg) / 19,95€ per week for a large dog (25-40 kg).

At Kibus we elaborate our recipes with first quality natural ingredients from which we extract the water at low temperature so that they have a shelf life of more than 1 year (no need of refrigerator or anything else) but keeping all the flavor and nutrient of the fresh ingredient. This has great advantages in terms of taste and, above all, in terms of health.

Each recipe is specially formulated to be complete and balanced using the finest ingredients. Each diet has a single source of premium animal protein (chicken, pork or salmon), fruits and vegetables (bell bell pepper, pumpkin, apple, etc.), rice/potato and super ingredients such as chia seeds or parsley.

No. Kibus is a totally natural food, without any additives, colorings or artificial preservatives. Our gentle manufacturing process does not damage the ingredient and maintains its nutritional properties, so no additives of any kind are necessary.

In the best veterinary clinics and pet stores and also through www.kibuspetcare.com, with delivery in 24-48h in Peninsula and Balearic Islands.

Very easy, once you have the device at home and the bag of your favorite food (remember that you don’t need a fridge or anything), you only have to introduce the food and Kibus does the rest, it automatically cooks it for your dog at the agreed time. You can see it in this video.

Yes, all parts in contact with food or water are easily removable and can be put in the dishwasher or washed by hand. Kibus is designed to make your life easier – feeding your pet freshly cooked food has never been so easy!

Get now your Kibus for only 299€.

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Descárgate la aplicación móvil y disfruta de la posibilidad de cocinar aunque no estés en casa, programar y reprogramar comidas para qué tu perro coma a sus horas.


Comida completa y equilibrada formulada por veterinarios y nutricionistas. Deliciosa y nutritiva que se sirve recién preparada para una vida sana y feliz

Robot de cocina

Solo tienes que rellenar el depósito de alimento con una de nuestras recetas, el depósito de agua y escoger la cantidad a preparar. ¡Y listo para comer!